Key Commands
 - The Macbrothers


The MacBrothers are Dany Cohiba and Felix JR, unbeknownst to them has been known for a very long time, it followed one another in their careers but had come to realize their ideas and dreams.Things happen because they have to spend, there is no why?, There is only "now is the time."Dany Cohiba takes many years in the music world as a DJ and producer, his resume is impressive, Stealth Records, Stereo Productions, Pacha Recordings, and many others, Felix JR began at an early age in the world of radio and soon he combines with his work as a DJ.Both know the world of the dancefloor, from without and from within, just waiting for the moment was his professional life to give them the breathing space to agree and that moment has arrived.2011 is his year, the year of The MacBrothers, do not try to look for in a definite style, fleeing the prototypes and archetypes, just want to make you feel.Live music from within, in each of its productions dream reactions with the experiences, the opinions of the hearer.And to make music for living, now is the time, music is live .....