- The Groove Era


Their sound is characterized by an elegant sonorous aesthetics, always accompanied of percussive and dynamic rhythms in the dancing floor and in his productions.This project was born when two catalan guys decided to offer a new vision about the club music and after 2 years working together, they decided that Ferran do his solo career with the ‘’Drawzer’’. And Txema, will want continues under another name that identifies the most of their productions in the future...In their short career, many dj’s and producers of the underground scene have supported and collaborated with them, and more is coming alone.Since the year 2015 to 2016 they were residents artists on Bonobo Concept at The Warehouse Club. Were also they be part of the residents DJ’s with the good talents Agatha Pher, Faktorm & Gustavho Bacilo.This year were playing like residents artists with FOUN DOX Sessions at Dome Club Barcelona.