- The Dream Traveller's Vision


Mark Edward Hilder presents his new alias The Dream Traveller's Vision. After nearly a decade of production, and releases on countless labels, Mark has launched his own label Hard Tenshi Records.Mark Edward Hilder like many is a passionate DJ and producer. From a young age he hit the decks in various clubs and events, and eventually progressed into music production. He has released on labels such as Central Station Records, Safari Music, Andorfine Records, Straight Up, LNG, Phethouse Recs, Xelon, Pop Rox, Moon Records and many others.His passion for trance music and dream sounding tracks eventually lead to his vision to form Hard Tenshi Records. An up and coming label that focuses on promoting and releasing music in a diverse range of genres that create a dreamy escape for listeners. You could say that he has a vision for "the dream sound" which lead to the birth of his new alias "The Dream Traveller's Vision"