- The Dirty Bunch


We are the dirty generation. We are the rebels, the bass bumpers, the night owls. We are only as free as the music is loud.Consider the Dirty Bunch your active representatives. Dedicated to the art of Developing, Inventing, Recreating and Transforming Youthful music of any genre, this young producer/DJ duo from central Florida prides themselves in producing “DIRT Y” tracks of pure quality. Whether the track is an original, remix, bootleg or mash-up, these two masterminds understand the importance of perfecting each intrinsic detail to present a clear, complete effect.Andrew Rodrigues and Jonathan McKinney, or DJ JetLife, are still a new and upcoming force. Established in March of 2013, The Dirty Bunch has come a long way quickly since the release of their first track, “Corruption,” and have now been acclaimed on the Jammers Unite Youtube channel: “Everything they do, they crunch it down to dust and turn it into diamonds” (July 2013).Jon and Andrew have sacrificed time with their families and pursuing a degree for this dream and are determined to not waste any time in making their mark. In less than a year, they caught the attention of multiple online music blogs including The Hype Machine, Rage Tracks, and Smash the Club. The Dirty Bunch describes its greatest and most rewarding accomplishments to be a full-length EP signed to Dirty Frequency Recordings following another signing to Hood Famous Music with their single “You Know B’woy.” Additionally, their collaboration with Utah-based producer Kleon Time has recently placed the Dirty Bunch in the spotlight for one of Laidback Luke’s forum students, Adnan Belushi, to discover. The single is now signed to Belushi’s own record label, Belushi Records, placing The Bunch on a roster of hot rising artists alongside Juyen Sebulba, with whom Jon and Andrew have previously shared the stage.The beauty in the art constructed by The Dirty Bunch stems from their ability to open-mindedly collaborate amidst the duo’s abstract individual backgrounds. It is not every day that an electronica and nu disco producer with a French house background such as Andrew comes together with Jon—a drummer who specializes in hip hop and tech house creation—but their unique variety of expertise has never failed to work in their favor. Although the group was originally founded as a production trio, T he Dirty Bunch now thrives off of the creativity of its two producers, Jon and Andrew, and the many talents of the lovely Danielle DeNicola, who joined the crew in early July as The Bunch’s personal photographer, graphic design artist, and social medias pecialis t.Currently residing in Tampa, the Dirty Bunch has responded to the high social nightlife demands that the college area requires. Whether the evening calls for spinning, producing, or promoting, the Dirty Bunch is well equipped to please whatever audience is presented before them. They have shared the stage and gained support from major artists such as Juyen Sebulba, Torro Torro, Kennedy Jones, Clockwork, Big Makk, and Carnage, to name a few.