- The Box (trio)


The Box is a project born of three prodigious musicians’ desire to explore new sounds and fresh approaches. Stefano Onorati, Walter Paoli and Andrea Guzzoletti, each highly acclaimed and vastly experienced musicians in their own right combine in perfect harmony to create this forward thinking collaboration. For this formidable collective, the creative process far outweighs the final result. For them, the central concept is always focused on how to play and express oneself instead of what to play; how they get there and not where they go. This outlook results in continuous improvisation with variations of form, colour and tone. A melting pot in which to mix the accumulated experience of three people engaged in perpetual and unrestrained dialogue, The Box always favours non-method over method. The only limitation being the absence of limits because when one doesn’t adhere to a form, any form is possible and when one doesn’t have a style, any style is possible. Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. The Box is the result of three wildly talented musicians pouring their expertise together whilst doing exactly that. The whole ethos of the project is captured perfectly in the logo which depicts one box discharging its content and experiences together. That box is where the magic happens.