- Th;en


It's simple, if music makes you happy, you call it soulfood... And this Soulfood has a name - TH;EN...Thorsten and Enzo,2 talented german Dj's-, producers, labelowners and best Friends, who live the same beat,started their cooperation in 2012, various releases on labels such as Suara or Click Records.They reached with their Track "Orange" the Top 20 spot of the Beatport Deep House Charts, released on Click Records.The next step was the Cooperation with the local artist "Starkato", the result was the Track "Sundance" .This Track attained also the Top 20 Beatport Charts in the Summer 2017. Released on Sprout Music with the support from Labelonwer and international Dj D-Nox, including remixes by german Techno-Dj Thomas Schumacher and japanese duo Drunken Kong.Whether as Resident Dj's at the New Basement Technoclub in Wiesbaden or internationally acclaimed acts, with their sound they leave traces...2017 was a productive year, they created the Tracks "Triton" and "Tease" , both Tracks reached the Top 20 Charts of Progressive House on Beatport.But that wasn't enough, their "Triton EP", achieved also the 5th place on release of the week at the exclusive Progressive House Charts on Beatport.2017 was good, but with their open mind and lots of passion in their hearts, they will suprises us in many ways, 2018 will be great.Cooperations are in progress...New releases are ready for "Movement Recordings" and "Click Records", to spread around the world, and TH;EN we dance, like nobody is watching ...