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Th;en is the brandnew project of the Producer- and Dj-Team Thorsten Schuth & Vincenzo Giocchino aka Dj Enzo.T h;en was founded in 2013. Since then three remarkably tight and soulful House Tracks have evolved from this project.Schuth and Giocchino have been knowing each other since their early youth. But in the wild nineties they lost contact following their loves for music and own projects.Giocchinos career started in 1996. When Trance music was huge in the Rhein-Main-Area he began to work as a Dj in Clubs like the Prodo-X and Kasino. Moreover he played at the Index and the U60311. Larger-than-life called were the gigs at the Technoclub Royal.At this time his first release was published.In the year 2000 Vincenzo Giocchino aka Dj Enzo started his own event called Techno-Projekt at the Mainzer Kasematten.In the following years he discovered his predilection for grooves and so he shifted to Techhouse, Minimal and Elektro.From 2004 to 2006 he very successfully hosted the frequently event “Ship”.In 2005 Vincenzo Giocchino opened his own Club “Ebene 0” in the centre of Wiesbaden.Thorsten Schuths history sounds quite similar. Ever since he was a child he used to be a vinyl junky possessing over 15000 records nowadays. He played his first gig at the age of fourteen accompanied by his mother.In 2005 he became resident Dj in the Club Zeitwerk located in Ludwigshafen.Later on he founded the party event “Vinyl Villa”. In 2008 “Vinyl Villa” became a record label. Moreover he published a scene mag called “Vinyl Villa” as well.At this time Schuth had already become a resident Dj at the U60311 in Frankfurt. He released several records on “Vinyl Villa Recordings”. Some of them together with Jörg Brinkmann aka Jaybeetrax. Gigs in Ibiza were coming up. Even a release on an English record label was made.Schuth and Giocchino met again in 2010. T hey were very happy about that and realised soon that they had the same opinions and tastes concerning to electronic music and lifes tyles . After Giocchino was married in 2012 with Schuth as his groomsman, they decided to work together as producers and called their project “Th;en”.Schuth and Giocchino try to produce what they like to. No prejudice or genre shall take influence on their music. Th;en is strictly open minded!That this is really working is proofed by the three new tracks “You Go”, “My My” and “Weekend Girl”.