- Teshaz


Teshaz has been into music all his life and first got into production at the age of 18. Having dabbled with all kinds of genres from Hard- Techno to House, even composing some Pop Tracks, he eventually settled on Progressive House and Techno in 2005. He had his first Releases on German based label Artificial Soundgate called „Ab imo Pectore“.Naturally Teshaz's tastes matured and he began to experiment with Sounds to create his own specified Sound and having numerous releases on minor labels like Milligrid records (Paris) and Super6 records (GE) an become one of the most selled Producer in 2011 @ Milligrid records. He instantly fell in love with it due to the lack of boundaries meaning he had creative freedom to do what he wanted........ The next Generation track is „Follow Me“ and is signed to Milligrid records for 2012. Teshaz's production skills come from years of experience and his acute ear for detail. Moulding gut wrenching bass lines with big-room builds and sometimes catchy, unique vocals his tracks are always full of tension and energy. Teshaz has already had numerous releases signed to labels and has forthcoming Eps and LPs on Milligrid reords.so keep an Ear openfor more Sound from this German most up- and coming Producer and DJ.