- Teig


Derek Roberts (Chicago, IL) has never been one to take the easy road. Originally a man of many tastes and musical styles, Derek began delving into house and techno production in his late teen years under the moniker of "teig". His time in university allowed Derek to spend countless hours honing his production and DJ skills, showcasing both his unique track selection, and his eye for local talent in his co-hosted radio show "EDM Sound System", broadcasted from Georgia Tech's WREK radio in Atlanta, Georgia. Derek has also honed his taste by playing several location clubs and raves during his time in Atlanta, GA. As time went on, Derek grew tired of the formula-prone house and techno, and began to strive for innovation through new paths of inspiration, such as glitch music, IDM, and experimental electronic music. This new path of inspiration allowed Derek to combine abstract concepts and sounds into his music, which in turn began to focus on evolving, brooding progressive tones. Futhermore, with a new-found love for minimal music and acid Derek began to approach dance music with a new mindset, paying close attention to addictive rhythms and soundscapes, referred to as "very reminiscent of something Digweed would have played many years ago". The music of "teig" has been called "forward- thinking", "complex", "catchy", "energetic", and "refreshing" from fans and critics alike, and Derek intends to continue delivering solid techno and house that fits the bill.Derek has now released synth heavy and hypnotic dance music of many different styles on several record labels, including Method, Deepsessions Digital, Revolt Records, Baroque Digital, and Aurium. Derek has also released his first full-length experimental album, "My Wilted Perception" on various online resources. For music that's challenging and aims to be truly progressive, captivating, and extremely unique, look no further.