- Teequ


Teequ started out as a DJ in his early years. After he lived in the United States for one year. He bought Records and played at some clubs in his Hometown Greifswald. Soon after that he got together with Leevice and they produced their first own beats. But his big love was still the vinyl. After a couple of years he and Leevice decided to build up an live act. They started Producing tracks together and after a while the recognized that the can communitate without talking. After their first live act in a club in Berlin, they found them self as roommates in Berlin. More and more Live sets at some small Clubs in and around Berlin were the consequences from this step. in 2011 they released their first Album on DigiTales Records. Berlin Soul. The Album puts their thoughts and experiences of the Berlin Club Culture into frequencies. Teequ has a big love to the minimal part of Electronic Music. He loves to play around with melodies and with the deep baselines. He made some remixes f or friends of him like Patrick Nachtklang, S.P.A.M., Leevice or Calive. He is Working on some Projects, like other remixes but the most of the time he is in the studio working on his second Album with Leevice. So if you don't find him at the Studio he will be at a club rocking a live set with his soulmate Leevice.