- Ted Jood


Ted Jood, Born in South Africa, Johannesburg Florence Knighting-Gale Hospital 1989 14 November is a Deep House Dj/ Producer, growing up listening to and enjoying vast genres of music. He discovered his love for house music right before graduating to high school in 2000. He Started collecting house music just for the passion and love of the music. Then he decided that he had to learn how to dj after realizing there is an art behind mixing and being a dj. Soon after he started playing at gigs after feeling he was ready to 'rock a crowd'. In 2005 a friend introduced Ted to various music production software. Ted slowly got to understand the pros and cons, the ins and outs of most software from interacting with few aspiring producers.In 2008 Ted enrolled with the Academy Of Sound Engineering in South Africa, Aucklandpark. His perspectives in musical elements changed to apply everything he learned into his music productions. Started playing his own tracks at gigs, even though he never gave them away as promos, he realized that he music was loved by the people. He then majored in Post-Production engineering in his final year with the Academy of Sound Engineering. During the course of his first year studies, he became friends with producers like Trancemicsoul, Dj t_tablez, Mpeshnyk and Sir LSG 'HoodNatives'. In 2009 Trancemicsoul and Jood got into Studio and made tracks but none of them have been released because after the studio sessions everybody was just doing their own thing. Then in late 2009 Ted Jood released under t_tablez music (Deep Horizon EP).