- Tecknoise


TECKNOISETerm used at the end of XX century and early XXI to define the soundgenerated by two artists from Madrid, who bursted into electronic scenemaking noise. Tecknoise might show distorsions in acoustic and noiseselectronically generated by signals made without casuallity, and musicalinstruments of digital and analogical synthesis.They can also incorporate manipulated recordings, static, machine sounds,personalized software, instruments composed by circuits, mechanical soundsand musical vocal elements.This sound was created in the middle of the acoustic crisis in 1998, developingin the most underground studios of the spanish capital.Little by little this sound was catching adepts inside the electronical scene intheir country, getting considered one of the purest sounds of Spain.After years programming great amounts of electronic instruments, AlbertoHerrasti and Darknation publish their first reference in 2006, under DogoRecords label. Later on their sound is recluted under Unclosed Records lines,where further on, it would be the base of lots of released and remixes, withoutstopping from sounding in the best clubs of the Iberian Peninsule.