- Techrover


The producer and remixer V-System / Techrover. was born1987 in south Bulgaria in the small town named Z latograd,he starts his club life in 2002-2003 and then he founds, thatthe electronic sound is the future in the musical horizon oftech & deep, house & techno feelings. He is playing in topbulgarian clubs, and during his gigs, he has collected anumber of electronic music fans. In 2011 he took upproducing and a year later after serious work the debutAlbum/EP became a fact. It is released by the bulgarian label"Housecast Records". Some of these first projects aresupported, included and played on "Ministry Of SoundRadio", but the support continues and from other interestingartists and dj’s. From this moment, the pace of producingincreases and shortly he is already supported and acceptedas part of the labels "Suma", "WhoBear", "UranobeatRecords" and the support for his music continues as well bymany other famous artists. In the end of 2012 together withsome fellow producers, they create their first label named"Ausara Recordings". In "Ausara", he is receiving the greatsupport by some of the best in the industry like RogerSanchez, D-Formation and Cristian Varela. The workcontinues and together with a colleague from Sofia namesStartrax, they sign an EP with the worldwide label giant fromSpain "Beatfreak Recordings". V-System / Techrover hasreleased production in other great label too, namely "Be OneRecords" and now it is just a matter of time when he willmake his next steps to the higher positions of the electronicworld!