- Tandem Sky


Mikael Nordgren, aka Tiger Stripes has built a vast international career as highly credible and sought after underground producer, remixer and DJ. Under the pseudonym Tiger Stripes he travels the world, and his music has been released on the most credible labels out there, such as Get Physical, Toolroom and My Favorite Robot Records, his remixes are highly sought after and his collaborations with the likes of Kerri Chandler, Jerome Sydenham and Audiofly are other highlights in his long and impressive musical career.Magnus Carlson laid the foundation to his musical career already in the 90’s as Weeping Willows’ front figure. Since then, Magnus has been one of Sweden’s most critically acclaimed singers, regardless of which path he’s chosen. And he’s kept himself busy: two albums with Swedish lyrics released, featured by profiles such as Thåström and Mick Jones, sung duets with among others Freddie Wadling and Petter, jazzed up classics in the project Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet – and obviously countless DJ sets all around Sweden. A crooner of our time. A modern songster. A timeless singer in a time where it’s forbidden to be timeless.And so Mikael asked Magnus to lend his vocals to one of Mikael’s tracks. After that, there was no reason why these gentlemen shouldn’t make an entire album. So they did.Magnus comments:I’ve been longing to make an album entirely built on beats, and with Micke came the reason why. We both share the same musical background and taste; both descend from the Brit pop and mod culture and we’ve both managed successful clubs for years. I haven’t released any original material since 2007, and these are some of the best lyrics I’ve ever written. I’m truly and utterly proud of this album.Micke states:The idea of Tandem Sky came to me on a month long tour in the US and Australia. I bought a book about the recordings of My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” album, an album I constantly listened to when released in the beginning of the 90’s. During the tour I rediscovered all the music I listened to during that period, but also discovered new acts such as Fuckbuttons and Animal Collective. The music inspired me to use my knowledge from house to create a pop album. As I arrived back home, I started to compose the music but lacked a singer, someone to write lyrics with. Magnus was the first person I thought of – he’s a rare gem among the Swedish singers and definitely of international standard.And him being a record nerd, as I am, certainly improved the lunch breaks.Tandem Sky is the obvious outcome from two musicians who both individually strive to renew their talents, to push the boundaries. The red thread that consistently leaps through both Magnus’ and Mikael’s music has been them always sounding just a little bit more indie, with just a little bit more quality than the mainstreamers. They have both respectively always been celebrated for their abilities to combine their roots and sources of inspiration with an unyielding urge to renew and elaborate. This is their master piece. T his is Tandem Sky.