- Takto Educated


KOPFKINO Events is an example of a modern techno-revolution in a city where the underground scene has long hold back. The pursuit of an independent scene community, despite nefarious social prejudice, TAKTO & KOPFKINO sat with many like-minded a massive wave of new generation to celebrate. His real name Eduard Terre, zodiac Aquarius - the eleventh sign of the zodiac. His element is the atmosphere, as well the sound and thus the love for electronic dance music is transmitted. Never boring Confirms years of knowledge that TAKTO likes shows as original contemporary. Everything is exceptional and sometimes a bit bizarre, attracts him. That makes it difficult sometimes to assess him, and sometimes he is even unpredictable, yet so come on and not get bored. The love of independence Legendary, his love is for independence. He willingly accepted a detour, if he can just to circumnavigate the cliffs of the conservative social order. His great strength is the many ideas he has every day, but occasionally lacks the stamina, and so it is often not their implementation. If only because he simply does not have time to realize all the flashes of thought also. Fascinated by reforms KOPFKINO is always a bit ahead of its competitors, which is not surprising, because TAKTO is fascinated by modernity and reforms that improve the social life. He proves to be a true visionary, what his fellow men but often more insecure than it she loved it. Many of his character brothers are therefore often dismissed as crackpots. When you see their quirky and unusual plans, then that's not so surprising. Surrounded by distinctive characters Just as colorful and unusual as his ideas, is the interplay between TAKTO, the celebration willing scenesters around and KOPFKINO team. Here romps everything is original: artists, birds of paradise, scientists, philosophers, just all the people who are of an individual character. This also feel quite comfortable with it, because a particularly likeable trait of him is his camaraderie. Risk of getting bogged down TAKTO is helpful and always there for his friends. Since he usually knows everything under the sun, it can already happen, that he is from one mission to the next road and sometimes a little bogged down. Unfortunately, he forgets about so many of his great ideas that he wanted to implement essential. Less would just sometimes do more