- Tajmahal


Tajmahal’s style of composition can be seens as a bridge between trance and downtempo rythms. His style is fluid and deep in meaning: his music tells the story of his feelings. When dj-ing, he combines his spotless technical skills with a broad, eclectic musical knowledge and an immense creativity: he is famous for telling a story and taking the crowds every step of the way towards enlightment. This path can encompass different music styles – progressiv, full on, psychedelic trance – within the same DJ set: Taj knowns no boundaries in between styles and tempos.This year he released with his partner Kurtz Mindfields a tribute album to the Berlin school period for all the analogic synth lovers named Analogic Touch – From Berlin school to Electronica Ambient.Currently, he is Working on a chill out Ethnik project UASCA in collaboration with Dj fluxo (Quest4goa-Portugal).