- Symon Loiacono


Symon Loiacono, born in Bari '89 class, is currently one of the crew representative dj "The Flame". The passion for DJing is the natural evolution of a process born from the passion for music and the constant and innate desire to draw energy from it, releasing personal emotions through musical journey in his performances.Starting with a rhythmic Hip Hop / Funky present in his life since a young age, the discovery of electronic sounds, mixed in his youth repertoire, always fascinates most, giving him the opportunity to express through the selection, album after album, his personality. View him as opportunities in the world of music, he started to collect and touch the first records, entering right away in the Apulian clubbing scene.Without encountering great difficulties, in the early part of his career, he made his way in several of the Apulian local nightlife as Jubilee, Divinae Humor and Cromie, adding also international artists such as Terry Hunter and Oliver Ton. The second phase of his career, coincides with the final entry in the already established crew The Flame, after sporadic collaborations, historical organization and label that boasts national and international caliber events. His musical knowledge is so conditioned from the impression of the same crew; This implies an evolution of her performances, enriched by more sophisticated sounds, also conditioned by the approach to jazz vibrations. During this time he performed in venues such as Reset Club, Hermitage and Bloom Beach Bar, confirming the quality of its set, dividing the stage with artists of the caliber of KINK, Fred P, Mike Dehnert, Amirali, Aquarius Heaven, Tania Vulcano,ND Baumecker and many more .