- Sybel


Sybel started his musical life at young age when lived in Barcelona-Spain. He studied Music in the Escuela Classica de Musica de Barcelona playing Flute and classic Piano. After this period he returned to Brazil in 1998 and immediately started working with Audio Production, few years later as a professional DJ and also graduated in FAMES - Brazilian Music College. He worked in many important events in Latin-America such as: URBR Records Party, Urbanized, Tiesto in Brazil 2007, Elements, Renault Speed Beats, MTV Electronic Music Festival just to name a few.Sybel had also an amazing Europe Tour in 2009 where spinned in many important clubs and open parties. In Milano (Toqueville Club / VOGUE Music), in Barcelona (LIVING Club 1880 - Las Ramblas) and in Lisbon (Queluz House Party). Specially in Milan/Italy, Sybel had the privilege to be the main guest DJ on VOGUE Music Club, associated with the famous VOGUE magazine. There were three special nights with DJ Sybel mixing the best House Music grooves for happy and fashion people.Nowadays, he lives and works in Miami-USA, actual Resident from many of the best and hottest clubs of Florida, Owner and President of URBANIZED RECORDS, in the eletronic music industry since 2008 and working with the best artists, selling in the best stores with quality House Music.As Music Producer, Sybel already has many successful releases. Sybel's music also had important reviews and total support from important names in the electronic music world such as: John Aquaviva, Richie Hawtin, Lee Neilson, Scott Langley, Norman H., Hernan Catanneo, Mark Knight, Mazi and many others. Check Sybel's official webpage on the web: http://fb.com/sybelc