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BIO: Stalo Xinari is behind the SXtheMadArtist aka theArtConcept. I am multifaceted female artist involved in many fields of art like Painting, Digital art – Design, Photography, Electronic Music Production , Online radio Sessions and Dj mix & Live. I was playing with music when I was teenager here and there learning some guitar and keyboards. Later in the 90’sI was playing on Radio1 Cy as morning show and evening guest dj.Being an artist I was driven away from mixing and get into music production in 2005. Till now I have played in many local parties and gatherings. I have also being guest in many international events as an artist.I have release the following 3 EPs:Plain Sentiment | 5 track EP | Released: 08.06.12 [Plusquam Chillout]Pale Hazy Daze | 3 track EP | Released: 02.11.12 [Synergetic Records]Parallel Instability | 5 track EP | Released: 14.12.12 [Synergetic Records]Releases on V/A compilations with: Zimmer RecordsVKRS netlabelSpeaceal Orbeats RecordsGalore Music Plusquam DigitalVarious Artist Album Compilator:VKRS Purespace Vol.03 "Sensorial Omnitopia" | Various Artists Album | Compiled by SXtheMadArtist 2010Online Radio: Weekly session on Blueraccoon.fm | Electronic Soundscapes with SXtheMadArtist | Every Sunday 20.00-21.00 [gmt+2] | 2009-13 and with various online radio stations around the globe.