- Sunmantra


Indonesian psych rock, post techno, electronic fusion band Sunmantra brings two stunning original dance floor rockers to Roam Recordings. The Jakarta based trio comprised of Jonathan Pardede, Bernardus Fritz, and Andreas Barlenando combine guitars, tripped out soundscapes, and electronic rhythms into the Esoteric EP. The title track brings the psychedelic energy with a warped vocal weaved through off kilter synth work while When You Bite My Lips has a slight surfer punk vibe that pulses through a heavy driving beat. The EP is backed up by two outstanding remixes from two heavy hitting Roam alumni artists. English artist Timothy Clerkin takes on the title track and brings down the tempo while at the same time adding heavy analog vibes with a hint of 90s rave. Italian wizard Fabrizio Mammarella flips the guitar melody of the original When You Bite My Lips giving it a sweet dreamy feel reinforced by a melodic acid line. Psychedelic, woozy, driving, punk, guitar, acid jams, and a hell of an addition to Roam Recordings.