- Sunday Light


Sunday Light is the psychedelic trance project from Alexander Alexandrov, born in Russia in middle 80's, moved to Italy in early 90's and still living there. With a solid indie rock background (playing rhythmic guitar and singing in some bands during teenage years), he begins djing at italian public events in 2004 as DJ Sasha, gets graduated as audio engineer at S.A.E. approaching psy trance production in late 2008. After about 3 years of special dedication, the project starts getting international bookings, with shows at clubs and festivals between Europe and South America. The style gets defined as morning full on trance, sustained by fat melodic basslines, shiny and effective drum playing, unpredictable spaced Fx and a distinct touch of melody rendering thoose morning atmospheres as well. Since 2012 project releases many tracks via Eps and VA's under respected label recordings like Mutagen, Ovnimoon, Planet B.E.N...Also collaborating with psytrance legends like Atomic Pulse and Asimilon (from Psymmetrix). The debut LP "Law of Attraction" is released by Geomagnetic TV during January 14.