- Suiss


Originally from Washington DC and now residing in Ko Phangan, Thailand, Suiss is a young and energetic MC/DJ and Producer with a focus on Melodic Techno, G House & Dance music. Despite his young age, he is not lacking in experience. His high-energy show has been seen by thousands of people in top clubs and venues throughout the world such as: Cat & Dog, Hangar 11, Clara Tel Aviv, Alcatraz Milano, Dreambeats Festival , LSE London, The Cube in Victoria. Suiss continues to release chart topping tracks with high energy vocals, hitting views of up to 4 million on his productions. Recently Suiss was a guest on TEDXIDC, a world-renowned show, to talk about his personal life and DJ Career. Suiss always aims for a unique sound in his production and a unique show in the DJ booth. His tracks have his talent and passion sewn into them, and his performance as a DJ is dynamic and entertaining to the point that you can feel that you are in the presence of a star. Suiss provides music you can feel and not just hear.