- Subtron


The Italian-Argentinian duo Maurizio Ruggiero aka Submuller and Nicolas Troncoso aka Troncoso, created the Subtron project in 2012. Both in love for underground music , they joined forces in the studio to experiment a new blend of funky disco-tech, that is already getting a great feedback on the dancefloors around the world. Maurizio's versatility as a musician Dj and sound engineer and Nicola's skills as Dj, Producer And Composer don't go unnoticed , their future releases in iconic labels such as Neim, Get Physical and Prisoner Of Love is the confirmation of their talent. Already huge in the competitive Miami local club scene , they performed at club such as the Techno Loft at Space, Treehouse, Electric Pickle and more, they are also sharing an on going residency for the Link Events.The positive energy and the vibe that this duo transfers to the crowd with their music will have a sure impact in the clubs around the world.