- StudMan


StudMan is an electronic artist born in Medellin onNovember 4, 1990, at 98 influenced electronic music by hisfather, becoming a lover of that.Later in 2005 he was seduced by the rhythms House andTechno Techouse, urging him to start his career as a DJ. In2009 decides to compete in the Pioneer Pro Dj leavingbetween 9 semifinalists in the Festival Car Audio "Sound onWheels". Based on lessons learned, decides to start hisway as a producer of electronic music, being more steepedin the production, decided not to stop there and begin a newstage musical studying computer science, and with thisknowledge their productions are full of mergers and Jazzacid Jazz with Techouse, and their live sets are known tohave a large load and live piano music.Currently living in Medellín with his recording studio andmusic production called "Terrornauts Records" with hisfellow student and friend Dani Loud aka Daniel Vanegasperforming musical productions can be found at majorretailers electronic virtual.His Dj Set have played indifferent clubs in Medellin andMedellin Home electronic broadcaster and the country "T heX Electronic.