- Sttyrex


Sttyrex is a music producer Dj from New Zealand.DJing and producing drum n bass in 2005. Local DJ's and bar owners were happy with what sound he had skilful and showing techniques that made him who he is he started producing computer music in his studio with sample banks on his computer modulation pads n midi keyboards writing his own.These days I play guitar midi keys n computer for recording also sample banks synapse audio recordings label is up and running with releases on its imprint SA|records. Following the likes on concord dawn the upbeats state of mind organikismness and knowing for well that I'll hit and get my shot @ touring with DJ's maybe being signed to me, I'll just have to see haha lol wtf going on!!!!! Anyway thanks for reading and always follow me on beatport SoundCloud and at gigs I'm not afraid of anything but spine tingling bass.