- Steve Pain


Steve Pain got in touch with electronic musik the first time at the age of 8 years through his older brother. When he went to events like Mayday or Boom Rave, Steve couldn't wait to go party himself! 1997 he watched the Mayday on TV and knew right away what would be his next hobby, Djing ! At the beginning of 1999 he got his first mixer. He startet mixing with CD players at first but soon that was not enough for him anymore. About the middle of 2001 he bought one turntable from his first paycheck, by the end of 2001 he bought the second one. One day he got a hold of a Chris Liebing CD and he knew exactly what style he wanted to play in the future. So he bought vinyls and could not get away from the turntables anymore. He kept on practising. At the end of 2002 he found a vinyl by Chris Noise that made him almost trip out. Since that time Steve Pain is trying to find a harmonious mixture of Techno.