- Sterioa


Dimitry Louis van der Wal aka Sterioa. His music goes beyond the sleek, re ective surfaces in sound. He frequently uses spiritual in uences, impressions, thoughts and visions of the mind that he then distorts to create sensory sound illusions. The result is a blend of atmospheric and deeper melodic techno that manipulate the physical experience of inhabiting space and sound. His work appear to be a fusion of dreams and reality that extend beyond the melodic trends in electronic music. In Summer 2018 his first release came out on Einmusika Recordings, a collab with Budakid. As an event organiser of underground raves, Sterioa is also involved in the vibrant party scene of Berlin. He is currently working in the studio to further develop his ambition of making dynamic melodic sounds and captivating beats that will be released on several EP’s in the near future.