- Stephan Grab


First of all, I would like to apologize for the obvious lack of an early musical education (with Triangles and Xylophones) as well as for my non-existent marching band experience. Apart from that, I’ve nothing to regret. In the late 1980s my heart still beat for punkrock, but then, because of a alleged cardiac arrhythmia around the early 1990s, it changed its pace to electric music. This has been my passion ever since. My music reflects my oscillating personality, the spectrum ranges from deep to deep tech and progressive house. Spin the turntables! I started out by doing private events and performing in small bars, soon I was being invited to clubs and hosting black events myself. I even received bookings to perform in faraway countries like Brazil (which I naturally accepted): the most exciting trip in my life so far! If you like what you hear please drop me a line! I am more than ready to travel the world for you – and with you.