- Stephan D


Stephan D discovered the pleasures of music early on. At the age of 14 he will be offered his first opportunity in front of a public and ever since the booking dates just kept on coming. In his region be became notorious for discovering the hits that will make thousands dance.Still searching for the best hits to make the people dance, he was asked to join the ToSee Club (at the time) and again the booking dates carried on. Thanks to his good energy, people started talking about him on front of a very receptive audience. Then came the moment for him to migrate out of his region... The D! Club in Lausanne sign him on for a monthly resident DJ. As a result he was booked for the lake Parade in Geneva, the Street Parade in Zurich and the famous ENERGY party in the Hallenstadion, Zurich. He also mixed at the Pravda in Luzern, the Cabanna in Davos, the Bypass in Geneva and finally added another residency at Globull in Bulle.Musically he will always be inspired by his youth years. He refuses to integrate any sounds too « electro ». His DJ sets are a mix of rhythmic and melody but are mostly to make sure you have a good time! During his sets you will hear many “bootlegs” (?) made by himself, mixing House, RnB, Funk and Electro. His own musical creation took quite some time. In 2010 he met DJ Vkee Madison from Lausanne with whom he’ll create the song “Let me see your hand” which was then remixed by Radi Tabasco and Keith Hurtigan. After this first experience in producing, he will launch his own musical creation that will surely make him heard of even more.