- Stella Nadine


Stella Nadine, a native from Bern, is an eclectic artist who draws her musical influences from jazz, blues, funk, rock and house. Already from an early age she never stopped singing. At 14 years of age she forms her first group and with 15, she gives a concert in Biel. At the age of 16 she arrives in Lausanne and plays her self composed songs in the street. Stella Nadine is primarily an urban artist. The street and Stelle Nadine - a story of heart ... Indeed, music is a passion she loves sharing wherever she is. The fact of being close to any public allowed her to confront herself and her work as an artist. She feels that performing in the street is a rewarding experience. It leaves room for unexpected encounters, a spontaneity that perfectly matches her, and that she expresses by "such a public does not have the same expectations as if you were playing in a concert hall. ". Her spontaneous personality and her great taste for unusual experiences characterize Stella Nadine as a remarkable entertainer. "Music is what allows me to find harmony in my daily life. Accomodating my professional life and my life as an artist gives me just the right balance" she says. Her recently made video clip at St. Francois reflects her experience in the street. In 2001 Stella Nadine joined the group "People Jazar". Followed by a lot of personal compositions - which unlocked a message of hope - and talking about her experiences and dreams with a touch of irony and joy of living. Thereafter she works with several DJs on different tracks like tripop and house. She is currently producing electro tracks with some DJs. Stella Nadine is performing for already three years now with two funk-rock groups called "Chorizo Playground" and "Stella & The Statics" as the lead singer. She has given many concerts with both groups street, style of " manouch" with " Chorizo Playground", and on stage with " Stella and the statics". Eventhough the street is a unique place full of creation and imagination she prefers performing on stage because the challenge is quite different.


Trance Top 100
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2 Side Records | 2012-12-07