- Stefy De Cicco


‘MUSIC IS MY LIFE’This is his slogan, but the music as well as his life is hispas s ion.25 years of music, 25 years of passion behind consolles and festivals of many clubs all over Italy and Europe, eclectic in his dj-set and never dull in the musical selections, he has always found a place in many radios around the world.Stefy De Cicco has a remarkable musical culture derived from many years of work, an archive of about 30,000 vinyl’s, experiences as a television presenter and director and speaker of the famous Italian "Radio Baccano", for years the most listened dance radio in Italy.Stefy De Cicco has entered into the elite of DJ-producer in 2009 thanks to his club-hit "Keep on jumpin'” in collaboration with Tom Stone.Approved by the master DJ David Guetta and inserted into the Top10 of many other international DJs such as Pete Tong, Tiesto, Laurent Wolf, Thomas Gold, Laidback Luke and Mark Knight, to name some of the most famous, "Keep on jumpin'” has been licensed by the most prestigiouslabels all over the world.Moreover "Keep on jumpin'” has been at n.1 position of the leading digital portals for over two months, has been included in the playlist of David Guetta "Fuck Me I'm Famous" for two consecutive weeks and has entered into almost all European charts.In the past Stefy has composed several songs that remained in the memory of the club music as X-ANDER ("Achtung Tanzen", "Pulstar" and "Musika" - achievements of 1994/96) and as Stefy De Cicco ("Worship" in 2000), better known as the "bagpipes’ song" that was largely successful in several countries.Stefy is currently working for the Italian record company X- Energy/D:Vision and has produced many tracks with famous European artists such as RIO’s singer Tony T, Danzel and Dhany from BENASSI BROS, and has also remixed cults of the 90’s like "Tu es foutou 2012" (In-Grid) and "Call me 2012" (Samantha Fox & Sabrina).Released very recently but already ranked Top10 on i- Tunes and licensed in many countries of the world, "Outer space" is the new single in collaboration with Adax and the native Americans Theory & Dayna Hollins.For March 2013 will see the release of the first album fully signed "Stefy De Cicco & Adax" with the participation of many artists...RECENT DISCOGRAPHY :STEFY DE CICCO&ADAX " prodigy "album2013-05-13 09:29:19 cicco01@libero.it Stefy De Cicco ST EFY DE CICCO&ADAX " incredible" feat. Dayna Hollins STEFY DE CICCO&ADAX " Ah yeah! "ST EFY DE CICCO&ADAX " T he prodigy " feat. T heory STEFY DE CICCO&ADAX " Soul man " feat. Frank Luzzi (Stefy De Cicco & Renè Posani Mix)ST EFY DE CICCO&ADAX " Make you dance " feat. T heory STEFY DE CICCO&ADAX " Fantasy " feat. Dayna Hollins ST EFY DE CICCO&ADAX " Detonator " feat. T heory & Nikki RenèeSTEFY DE CICCO&ADAX " Cameras flashing " feat. Nikki Renèe & TheorySTEFY DE CICCO&ADAX " Breaking the law " feat. Daphne STEFY DE CICCO&ADAX " outerspace "(feat.T HEORY&DAYNA HOLLINS)SAMANT HA FOX vs SABRINA SALERNO " call me 2012 " stefy de cicco rmx "IN-GRID " tu es foutu 2012" stefy de cicco rmx"TONY T - "way to rio" stefy de cicco rmx"STEFY DE CICCO " deep down inside of you"SCIUP D'ASSE vs DANZEL"outta the skyI-TEAM "love tonight" stefy de cicco rmx"STEFY DE CICCO&RENE’ POSANI “colonial l'amore es mas "SNOOKERS "ready to party"STEFY DE CICCO “please don’t stop”STEFY DE CICCO "I wanna walk 2011 pack rmx " THUNDERKICK "Master Blaster" stefy de cicco rmx" SAMUEL KIMKO “i like it" stefy de cicco rmx”ST EFY DE CICCO&RENE’ POSANI “colonial” ZULI&MATTEO B. "get to be free " stefy de cicco rmx" STEFYDECICCO "i wanna walk (to the rhythm of your heart)"STEFY DE CICCO "move your body"LISARK & FARINA feat. KARIMA "stay" stefy de cicco rmx" MAT'S & A.AVENUE "make it happen" stefy de cicco rmx" SNOOKERS "hellgirl"stefy de cicco rmx"THE BEATTHIEFS ft. L. Layton "dub be bad"stefy de cicco rmx"HARD BOYS "fuck is funny"stefy de cicco rmx"STEFY DE CICCO "keep on jumpin'STEFY DE CICCO "i don't wanna know"STEFY DE CICCO"keep it on"Artist Bio