- Stav Beger


For Bookings & Licensing: Tom@Hightunes- records.com http://soundcloud.com/stavbeger https://www.facebook.com/stavbegermusic?ref=tsStav Beger is an Israeli based music producer & DJ, playing mostly Minimal Techno & House music. From childhood, Stav's father, Albert Beger (a composer and performer of Modern Jazz), exposed him to different kinds of music and at the early age of 15, Stav was allready building some complex beats and structures on his computer.After two years of private lessons, Stav decided to take his music more seriously and went to study in Tel Aviv, at Muzik - School of Creation and Production.At that time, Stav started forming his personal preferences in Sound, and his creation started taking shape and form. In 2010, Stav began his first and current project and after a year of hard work in the studio, released his first original EP: "Hello" (Digital Nature Records).Stav had many releases since then, including remixes to great artists through different Labels such as Nuuktal Rec, Freshport Music, Digital Nature, Agnosia, High Tunes Records and more...You have to check out Stav's tunes, full of inspiration and creativity, bringing new and unfamiliar sounds to the listener... A MUST HEAR FOR EVERY ELECTRONIC LOVER!!!