- Stanley Foster


Stas Covila is more known like Stanley Foster in club industry. He works as a dj for a long time already, and he can handle it not bad since everyone enjoys hes work. He is already famous in his small city, and it won't be his limit. He writes hes own compositions that are aiming to get people's attention and reaction, Stas is very successful in composing great music. His first remix was writed for Andrey Djackonda and released on 2012 on Techno Animals Records (UA). It was a big start for his musical career.Firs step on world stages was a debut EP named "Ciocan" released on Conceptual Records and incl. Andrey Djackonda Remix.Also succes was comming by second big ep named "Vis" includinc only original tracks, that was supported by big european and american artists.He has released on:Techno Animals Records (UA) AURA MUSIC (RU)Wavetech Music (UK) Conceptual (MD) Doppelgaenger (Ge)Zeitlos Music (It)