- Spirral


Before we start, we felt that we need to clear up some myths because there is a greater chance of Spirral being misrepresented now as THE NET IS LARGER. Special, deep groove, unique, natural is what you can get from the original. We have found that over the years it seems that the electronic music scene is developing in Singapore.As a DJ, Producer and remixer himself, he used to be a raver and still is a raver. Work by day and looking forward for the party by night. Spirral was inspired by all the great DJs likes Underworld, Sven Vath, Umek, Faithless, Sister Bliss and also Dave Angel. He gre up listening to progressive house music on Global Underground and all the great DJ's from all over the world back during the years. Spirral himself got addicted to DJing as he slowly promoted himself on sites such as myspace.com, podcast.com, soundcloud.com, and by creating events on Facebook. From there on, he joined music producing competitions. He traveled around the globe meeting other DJs to share his experience and also his music productions. He got to play in some clubs around the globe which made him very proud to represent his country and show that there are quality DJs from his own country of Singapore.In 2001, Spirral started producing and DJing. One year later his first common project with DJ Denodusk was born at 'Liberty' Chijmes. Spirral played in several clubs and he worked hard in his studio on a couple of tracks. In 2001 his music production “Deep outer space” was sent to most production competitions. After the success, Spirral kept producing several albums of his own. “Behaving at My Own Age” (2004), “Rock the Electro Mullet” (2005), “Simple” (2006), “Spark Plug” (2007), “Absolutely Mysterious” (2008), “Flying Casino” (2009), “World Journey” (2010), “Circle of Life” (2011), “Protocol” (2012) and “Deep Inside” (2013) and more will follow.In 2006 Spirral was selected to play for the Heineken thirst studio competition. He was voted in the top ten contestants at World Wide Music Festival Giles Peterson Asia-Pacific Talent Search (Singapore Edition) in 2009. Spirral's solo career has kicked off with the massive tune and got big resonance & many plays by DJs around the world.As a logical step for Spirral, he got countless requests for DJing around the globe such as in Qingdao, China (Caribbean Club/Bar) in Sept 2009. He was invited on numerous occasions to spin all over Singapore and recently he spinned at China One Club (Singapore) and in one of the prestigious skyscaper hotels, Swiss Hotel club called the New Asia Bar. He was invited to Korea and also Japan for the World Music Festival (Sukiyaki meets the World) in 2008/2009. In April 2008, Portugal Setubal (Design Cafe). February 2010, he was also spinning in some of the up- north Bali clubs called Pasha and Volcano. During 2012- 2013 he released 3 mix albums on ClubMixed.com which have proved very popular.