- Spirit & The Guide


Spirit & the Guide is the Progressive House music project of Shanghai based DJs “Super Mario” and “Roberto Frattini”. From India and Switzerland respectively, the duo began their friendship first in the dance-floor, brought together by the appreciation and passion for progressive sounds. Fate brought them together performing as DJs in several occasions around China, leading to the decision of uniting their musical infuences and visions into a LIVE & Production Project. With each of them bringing and complementing the new-born project with unique infuences from their own personal musical background, fusing different elements resulting in a synth-full sound flled with mystery, mysticism and groove, reminiscent of global sounds gathered in years spent on dance floors. Having performed in a variety of occasions and venues, bringing their LIVE elements and vision , they discovered that their synergy was being widely appreciated by the crowds they performed for. Spirit & the Guide’s debut EP “Rebirth” was published on January 12th 2019 on Indian record label GAG Digital Records to wide acclaim, an their second EP “Desert Dwellers” is set for release in summer 2019