- Soulspace


Soulspace distances himself with more exploratory tempos and an experimental beat- maker approach, of which cities like Los Angeles or London are particularly well known for. Yet, the electronica producer behind Soulspace, is worlds apart – hailing from Bangalore, India.Capable of shifting an aural ambience from downtempo summertime grooves to more club friendly music in a blink of an eye - he produces tracks with melodic, soulful and straight up dance floor sensibilities.His live sets are deep, emotive yet dancy , which is his signature sound. Its a journey in sound with no genre constraints . As a DJ he believes not just about mixing two records but rather in telling stories with his sets infused with subliminal messages that keeps you hooked onto every beat.He now runs a record label/Artists collective known as 'Lowlit'. The aim of the label is to provide a platform for forward thinking and most talented Indian music producers.