- Sonicblast


Sonicblast is a beatmaker and Dj carving a bass music. Combining a particular Dubstepper bass lines with euphoric mature selection iconic sounds. On the dancefloor around all Europe, he performes to thousands of ravers with names like: Borgore(IRS); Crookers(ITA), FelixdaHousecat(USA); RL Grime (USA); CooKie Monsta (UK); Frition(UK); Vandalism(AUS); SlumDogs (UK); CrissyCriss(UK); MindVortex (UK); Foamo (UK); MobTactics(UK); Liz-E (UK); MarcoCarola(ITA); Thiefwarz(GER); CubeGuys(ITA); Red Head(BEL); Dubshoock(SK); Dubzero(UK) and many more. He is founder and director of the new label "Hot Cue records"; collaborates on Red Bull Academy Porto; make part of the team the of artists "DanceClub Soundsystem", is a speaker and manager of the Radio Show "Buscapolos"on RUA 102.7 Fm, Residente DJ of X-Travel (Calpe, Spain) and suported by Plasticsounds and as Official AKAI Performer.