- Sonic & Silver


SONIC & SILVER have recorded music for some of the best labels in the Drum & Base music industry, such as - Metalheadz, Virus Recordings, Timeless, Bingo Records,Renegade Hardware, V Records,Infrared, Reinforced, Soul:r, React, T.O.V., Space Recordings, Bad Company,L Plates,Science Fiction,industry,Chronic,Dsci4, plus many more.Silver and his long time partner SONIC have made classic tracks such as, ON THE ANSON for METALHEADZ, UNDER THE SUN for SOUL:R, killer tracks on REINFORCED such as GRYO and their massive album THE STARS OUR DESTINATION on INFRARED plus the mighty ROCKET LAUNCHER on VIRUS RECORDINGS, the list never ends! SONIC & SILVER have performed around the world several times in places like Japan, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Venezeula, Mexico, Columbia,Chile Argentina,Costa Rica, Russia, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Portugal, France, Hungary, England, Iceland, Sweden,Australia, New Zeland, Canada, Holland, Switzerland, Estonia, Norway, Israel, China, U.S.A, Poland, Chech Republic.