- Somnambulist


°1961.A multimedia artist and graphic-, video- & sound-designer with experience in 2D and 3D computer graphics, sound & light engineering and Virtual Reality .From young age, he tampered with electronics. His first "performances" were feedback patches on a broken amp, combined with self made tape effects.He collaborated with and made artwork for various artist.He made soundscapes & music and did some computer programming for film, theater & dance productions.He designed and programmed interactive presentations.M.BRYO and Somnambulist are projects starting from the late 70ties and early 80ties of whom in May 2007 a split 7" was released on Vinyl by the American Minimal Wave label.KOYT! Was formed & deformed in 2005.In 2011, Somnambulist "the Withered Land" was released on Vinyl on the Belgian Walhalla label.He appeared on several compilations from mainly Walhalla and KK records. On Audio Cassette mainly by Central Tapes & Club Moral.In 2018 the Double Album " Things I was due to forget - M.BRYO & D.M.T. from 1979 to 2005" will come out on the French label Nuit et Brouillard.