- Softworld


SoftWorld: All Science, No Fiction In late 2012 SoftWorld signed with LBA Composers, with whom initially they release a trilogy - Machine Karaoke, SoftWorks, and Other Lives, the first two available now - showcasing different facets of the duo, from pop to electro-punk, soundscapes to ambient, as instant art both sanctified and profane. The Silent Sea EP, featuring The Silent Sea and five remixes of same, is also shortly to become available. A further trilogy will be created and made available in 2013. SoftWorld’s perfect electro-storm combines the distinctive voice of journeyman cult artist Jeremy Gluck - not via his lyrics, but in his distinguishing vocal & sound-collage work - and the maverick electronic music of Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Don Tyler, which integrates elements of classic Berlin School electronics and early synthesizer music akin to John Foxx, Cabaret Voltaire and the Future. Having been introduced by a mutual online collaborator, the duo fast found common creative ground and began creating forward-looking electronic work. Catalyzed by their fledgling efforts, the duo have in a matter of months created a large body of work, graced variously by Bronwyn Bonney of Crime and the CIty Solution, Swiss vocal artist Lisa, Glasgow-based cellist Christine Hanson, UK-Norwegian vocalist Asa Seljistad, and UK voice artist Hattie Hendra.