Mike Smilo, also known as SM1LO, is an American singer-songwriter,guitarist, and pop producer. Originally born in San Francisco, he moved to New Jersey as a teenager and pickedup the guitar at age 13. He’s inspired by a diverse set of music genres such as progressive house, alternative, classic rock and hip hop, and music pioneers such as Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, NIN, STP, Armen Van Buuren and Tiësto. His songs reflect elements of his musical roots. Although he has been writing music and lyrics for as long as he can remember, he followed an untraditional “music career” trajectory, beginning his career post college on Wall Street. Still in the banking world, he wears a suit during the day, and makes music into the night. At the age of 19, he was selected to be part of a four person pop music group to be promoted and backed by a leading national media syndicate and NYC radio station. However, when the group dissipated with the reshaping of the music industry, he pursued a degree in Finance. He still continued to write and produce music, with the intention to one day dive back in. Today, SM1LO pursues his passion with enthusiasm showcasing his emotionally and melodically driven electro pop and progressive dance music to the world. His music has been described as “Feel Good” “Nostalgic” and “Full of Life,” comprising catchy melodies and hooks, and vocal arrangements that appeal to a wide audience.