- Skena


Born and bred in Italy, Skena is more then just an electronic music producer and DJ. Looked upon as one of the most gifted and aspiring young artists to emerge from his country, Skena is with a doubt destined for great things within the music industry. As a true engineer, Skena's fluidity and ability to manipulate sound, is both industrious and dynamic.Fearless to stand alone and take ownership of his unique production styles, he is an artist that pushes forth and enjoys craving out new sounds and sharing his spirited vibe. Skena's music consistently carries a solid warmth to it, lending tendencies towards a variety of techno grooves as well as being heavily impacted with plenty of dark melodics ounds capes .His influences include artists such as Radiohead, Stimming, Dj Koze, Âme, Stephan Bodzin, Deadmau5, Trentemoller and Gui Boratto.The Skena project was cultivated during the first half of 2014 and in no time at all, was ready to harvest, reaping great rewards by releasing his first EP with Steyoyoke Black in September 2014.“The Next Act” EP consists of 2 originals, ‘The Next Act’ and 'Waiting In The Wings’.