- Skeets


American producer Skeets has taken the internationalhardcore scene by storm in the past year. Hailing fromSeattle, Washington, he first gained international notorietywith his chart-topping remix of Rising Star’s “True Feelings.”Since then he has added countless more top-ten hits to hisrepertoire as well as a placement on Clubland X-TremeHardcore 9 with his remix of Rocket Pimp’s track “GrimReaper.” His tracks have received DJ support from theheaviest hitters in the scene including Breeze, Gammer,Darren Styles, Cotts & Ravine, Kutski, Chris Fear, S3RL,Luna-C, SPIT, Sc@r, Douglas, and No Left Turn. Best knownfor his forward-thinking, genre-bending style packed withepic breakdowns and cheesy vocals spiced with grimyelectro, drumstep, and D&B flavors, Skeets’ distinctivesound is poised to raise the bar for hardcore worldwide.