- Skanka!


Coming up on nearly a decade of dedication to drum and bass, Skanka!'s major influences range from 36hertz, Playaz, Zombie, Grid, etc ...classic breaks and jumpy vibes. His personal style is always evolving, and through tunes released, and in a mix you are likely to hear anything. "Skanka" says it all. It is not only universally known as a ska/reggae/punk dance..... but also fully embodies a feeling in music.Josh "SKANKA" Hills has been a musical savant since the age of when took his first piano lesson. Josh was given his first vinyl records when he was only 12 years old, and learned how to dj in a skating rink when he was 16. Skanka has been a staple in the underground music scene of Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2003.As a dj, his sets go in every direction and can celebrate the myriad styles of drum and bass. His energy, connection to the dance floor, and mixing skills have made him a hometown favorite. In his years of experience, it's lead him to play alongside some amazing artists, like Gein, AK1200, Twisted Individual,Gridlok, John Kelley, Simply Jeff to name a few. Formerly known as Demonic, he changed his name to SKANKA when he started producing his own music after graduating from Berklee school of music in 2011. His acquired knowledge in studio recording, combined with his longtime love for drum and bass, and steady focus on production, has abled him to release multiple tracks with Grimey Grooves Recordings in 2013, with multiple releases already slated for 2014.