- Six Inch Voodoo


Being buddies for some years now, Blast SL and Kai Limberger decided not only to produce tracks together but to even start a common project. Six Inch Voodoo is the name of this wicked collaboration, which will unite them as a DJ- Team as well. Sharing a similar definition of how dance music should be catered to the crowd nowadays, their sets will be filled with groovy techno, bangin Tech-house and a good chunk of hypnotic deep house tunes.If you’re looking for self-proclaimed avantgarde DJs with a „new“ definition of electronic music and an innovative lookalike fashion-style, there’s nothing we can do for you . But if a grand night out filled with booze, butts and bass is what you aim for, then you’re more than welcome to join our cult of theSIX INCH VOODOO!