- Simon Roge


Behind the project "Simon Roge" stands Igor Simonovic , Producer from Belgrade, Serbia. After many years of experimenting with different music Igor established his sound which is complex fusion mostly out of Techno, Minimal and Tech House sounds. You can hear the influences of his favorite producers and projects like Simon Posford,Jeff Mills,Umek,John Gaiser,Richie Hawtin, Riddler,Daft Punk,The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Gorilaz and lot's of others. For a very short period of time,Simon Roge's production is charted , played and supported by artists such as: Christian Cambas,Dandi & Ugo,Cristian Varela,Umek,Mark Knight,Dave Seaman,Paco Osuna, Axel Karakasis,Marco Bailey,Tomcraft,Flash Brothers,Mark Denken, Dataminions, Spartaque, Snello, Da Fresh, Matt Minimal, Mario Ochoa, Alexander Madness, Ant Brooks and many more... His work is released on record labes such as: Italo Business,I am Techno,Sabotage,Strict,Natura Viva,Miniat ures and he is releasing his music only for major Labels. At the begining of 2012, he opened new experimental project with his production partner Vid Marjanovic,which is called "Hoqs Pocus". Their debut album under that name will be released during 2012 for Strict recordings.