- Silvision


698805/261852: under these coordinates you’ll findSilvisions hometown Winterthur. Winterthur has largelyretained its character as an old industrial city. Several oldfactory areas of the early 20th century still dominate theappearance. T his background is mixed with Silvisionspassion for sounds of Detroit, the first hours or labels suchas "Drumcode", is partly responsible for the technopulsating vein in Silvision. Silvision already came in touchwith the electronic music through his older brother: "Myenthusiasm was kindled in the early 90s, when I bought inmy first Underground Resistance Vinyl or when I heardAdam Beyer playing in a club." Silvision can be used forvinyl as well as inspire new techniques. He currently playsmainly with programs like Traktor or Ableton Live.