- Silvia Zaragoza


T he fact that a woman is interested in more classic soundsof house music do not have to go unnoticed. T his is thecase of Silvia Z aragoza, Dj and Producer from Madrid, whoopts for the more funky side, and deep soulful music fromdance. T hat happens as well as their influences are themost representative artists of the American scene in house:from Karizma and powerful sound beats the new NewYorker from Dennis Ferrer, Quentin Harris through theelegance of the "San Francisco touch" productions artistssuch as Andy Caldwell and Fred Everything. T he exquisiteblend of sounds forged the artist, which today representsone of the most solid pillars of the house of quality in ourcountry.Silvia feeds his main artistic aspects with passion and effort,what is being great and strong results in a more than fast.On the one hand, his understanding of the profession of Djhas been playing the best clubs in "true house music" of thecountry. Cities, Madrid, Ibiza, Paris, Rennes... haveappreciated his refined technique to the mixer, its exquisiteselection of music and his innate ability to move at will thedance floor. On the other hand, his persistence led him to beone of the few producers of dance music from Spain havebeen able to edit labels regarding gender, both internationaland domestic, as iRecords, PengAfrica, Soulstar, Conya orKings of Groove between other. Also collaborating on amusical project with the French training Kiss T he Vibes(France), in which made the sessions "DeepRaw" which aimto disseminate both sets residents KtV as its many guests.