- Shocktone


Shocktone is a Dubstep/Electro producer from Cyprus.“My two favorite genres are Dubstep and Electro, but from time to time I like to experiment with other genres, try them out and see what I can do with them” He started out really young by just playing around with software on his computer for a long time before he got serous about it. “When I was a kid my cousin showed my a program called FL Studio 4 and got a copy of it and I was playing around all day for years before I thought I could actually do something serous with this music. Now I use Logic Pro and produce all kinds of sounds and tracks all day, I don’t do anything else, this is what I enjoy the most.”


Hard Dance 101 Hard Dance Hits 2014
Necton, Hux Flux, Ibojima, Tryptamind, Mr.Peculiar, Black & White, Chain Reaction, NakedTourist, Bamboo Forest, Twina, California Sunshine, Consept Lightwork, 40%%, Orca, Bliss, 1200 Micrograms, Psychotic Micro, Echo Logic, Shift, Tube, XSI, Quality Sound, Beat Hackers, Michelle Adamson, Wizack Twizack, Random Light, 2Kija, Adrian Feder, Clean Noise, Hyghwave, Monitor, Pick, Tatyana Kalmokova, Protostar, Sasek, Vlad, Wizax, 2minds, Bratex, Defib, Diffus, Connected Visions, Fynex, Infinity Of Love, Lost Shaman, Shake, Trinodia, Sausee, JIS, Bell Size Park, Arc Voyager 25, Virtual Emotions, Atheria, Man Machine, Geometrica, Ketale, Sunday Light, Triscele, Goe, Azerty, Yar Zaa, Tesla Principle, Jaws Underground, Anax Junius, Side Winder, Emphacis, Mechdoll, Cryptexmarble, Echoes of Space, Mother Womb, Elemental, Ghebro, Itakam, Nemesis, Stuntproject, Inoxia, Braincell, Psilocybian, Wisenevil, Roby, Belenyer, Phoenix, ProtoDrive, Robotic Mind, Atar Yush, Sienis, Brainbasher, Dexter, SoulEater, Perfect Havoc, Electronic Concept, Biokinetix, Frosty Fennic, APU, Weirdel, Efflorum, Dr3x, Bottomline25, Digital Dimensions, BlackBoy KAYZER, Frost Raven, Alex Maynard, Entity Plus, Intent To Sell, Bo Biz, Breezer, Shocktone, Hedlok, Psychoz, Jeto, Nio, DJ Kundalini, Sienis, Loud, Solar System, Imix, Natural Disorder, Brainbokka, Safi Connection, BPM, Fractal Sound, Vaktun, Frosty Fennic, leenuz, Mind Storm, Astro D, DJ Kundalini, Konnektor
101 Dance Hits | 2014-05-12