- Sheypol


Sergio López, a.k.a Sheypol is a music producer and DJ based in Madrid, Spain. Sergio started to make music at the early age of 16 years old under his own real name. When he was 18, he won a remix contest at Europa FM (one of the most popular radio stations in Spain) for the track 'Run Baby Run' by DJ Valdi, Quique Tejada, Marcos Rodríguez and Estela Martín. His remix was heavily supported by Europa FM and released under Blanco & Negro Music Spain. Some years later and after gathering a lot of useful experience, he decided to create this new project: Sheypol. Sheypol was meant to be a turning point in his career. It was the right time to move from simply "cool" music to more professional and energetic tracks. This allowed him to experiment with a lot of different new sounds. The result of that long process resulted in a serious improvement and a lot of local success. But that is not all. Sergio is behind the mixing and mastering process of each of his tracks. He produced remixes for DJ Valdi, Spanish popular DJ at "El Hormiguero" (TV Show) and Elena Gheorge. The original track, "Hot Bhangra", passed 1M views in Youtube. Besides, some of his bootlegs and remixes have been aired on quite popular Spanish radio stations like Maxima FM or Europa FM. Currently, he is constantly improving his sound to deliver the best quality possible.