- Shaun James


Shaun James is a DJ and producer based in the United Kingdom. From the age of 9 he has always had a great ear for sounds which was passed down and in uenced from his older brother. As a child growing up listening to his favorite artists, Shaun’s passion for music grew instantaneously. After 15 years of being musically inclined, Shaun nally started getting recognized and highly recommended in mid 2018 by Bristol's Techno and Acid DJ's and producers Mark Gardner (Pierrot The Acid Clown) & Jim E Scavenger on their live broadcast where producers send in their music and get rated out of 10. Shaun got solid 8's and 9's on his first 2 tracks he produced which was Hellraiser and Twisted. For Shaun, watching strangers listen to his music for the rst time ever and have it highly critiqued, watching people dancing to his music gave him a huge adrenaline rush, the biggest smile, and a feeling he never felt before. Since that day Shaun's dedication to producing and being a DJ grew even more so than when he first started. Within 6 months, focusing on executing his main predominant goals he set himself, he started his record label to market his music, releasing 4 singles and getting more noticed globally. His journey continues...